In 1998, after several years of  making music in a rather conventional way, mostly as a drummer for several bands, Nagel3 began to ponder the possibilities of live-sampling. Caused by the technical development of music production digital media already were tools of the trade. Together with Michael Hübinger Nagel3 founded the still existing project “audiell” for the production of music for short movies and commercials.
Being an “analogue” musician Nagel3 found the possibilities of digital production lacking of  intuitive and flexible interaction with given situations which again led to an intensified occupation with live-sampling.
2004/5 he experimented with a drummer and a guitarist, recording sounds directly to a computer and returning the processed sounds to the PA, such acting as a third instrument. Apart from these processed sounds Nagel3 used prepared samples and synthetic sounds. This technique, althogh further developed, still is an integral part of current projects.
Space is essential for nagel3’s sound installations. Comparable to working with the sound of  musicians microphones are spread out over a room or any other space and incoming sounds are processed digitally. Movement detectors and triggering devices make possible to transform movement to sound as incoming signals set off MIDI-messages which result in synthetic or sampled sounds.

Contrary to the conventional performance of a band Nagel3 does not intend to do a concert. Ideally the sound is not in the centre of attention but , like illumination, shapes the atmosphere of a space.